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AARDEX Group offers comprehensive tools to measure and implement medication adherence (or patient compliance) solutions across all the healthcare industry, in clinical trials, research settings, and professional healthcare systems.

First, our solutions are based on the MEMS® ADHERENCE SOFTWARE which integrates AI-enabled analysis  of medication taking behaviors for powerful data visualization and focused feedback for the patient.

Furthermore, this digital solution, can be connected and integrated into third party applications for risk stratification, prevention, and patient empowerment.

The MEMS® ADHERENCE SOFTWARE is a flexible online web-solution that standardizes the process of dosing history data recorded by a large ecosystem of MEMS® compatible pharmaceutical packages and devices.

Finally, the MEMS® hardware technology consists of the incorporation of micro-circuitry into various pharmaceutical packages (pharmacy bottle, blister, inhaler, eye drops dispenser, etc.) such that the maneuvers needed to remove a dose of drug is detected in real time and time stamped, resulting in dosing history data. In other words, we offer various kind of smart packages developed on our MEMS® technology, or compatible with our MEMS® technology, the Gold Standard in medication adherence research.

Discover our software modules used to manage medication adherence.

Discover our hardware solutions used to measure patient compliance.

We are dedicated in providing our unparalleled solutions to our diverse customers across the entire industry:


I work for a pharmaceutical or biotech company in drug development, clinical study operation


I work for a university, a research centre, a NGO, or a foundation as an academic or researcher.


I work for the government, a health insurance company, or an integrated healthcare system.

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Our Customers