MEMS® HH (Helping Hand)

MEMS® HH is based on the MEMS® technology, the Gold Standard in academic research and in clinical trials for more than 30 years. Always in evolution, it’s already the 8th generation.

MEMS® HH is a reusable blister sleeve with integrated microcircuits that records the date and time whenever a patient takes a pill from the blister. The record is triggered whenever the blister is removed and when it is inserted in the sleeve. This fully customizable solution, which captures up to 4,000 dosing events , provides valuable patient feedback.

The Smart version also features an LCD readout that displays the number of doses taken in the past 24 hours and the hours elapsed since last dosing, helping patients to take medications at the appropriate times and preventing over dosing.

The stored information can be transferred at any time through the MEMS® Reader to the MEMS® adherence software for immediate analysis and interpretation.

It is the only professional smart package that can be used every day for at least 3 years without any recharge and without any communication network available.

Key characteristics:

  • Optional LCD display
  • Service life: 36 months from shipment
  • Wireless data transfer via NFC communication
  • Non-volatile memory for data storage (maintains data integrity for years after loss of battery power)
  • Optimal events detection technology
  • CE marked
  • Blister compatibility: the Helping Hand 8 must be customized to the dimension of the blister to be used. It can be rapidly prototyped with 3D printing to exactly fit your blister dimensions

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The principle of the MEMS® technology consists in the incorporation of a micro-circuitry into pharmaceutical packages of various designs (pharmacy bottle, blister, inhaler, eye drops dispenser, etc.) such that the maneuvers needed to remove a dose of drug is detected in real time and time stamped, resulting in dosing history data.

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