Electronic Dosepak® (EDP) with MEMS® Technology

The Electronic Dosepak®* (EPD) partners well with the MEMS® technology, the Gold Standard in academic research and in clinical trials market for more than 30 years. Always in evolution, the MEMS® technology is already in its 8th generation.

The MEMS® EDP is an electronically enabled version of the Dosepak® package, and features a MEMS® technology that accurately records the date and time the Dosepak® is opened and closed.

Dosepak® is a customizable medication package from Westrock that improves medication adherence by presenting important information in a readable format on the outer carton and delivering pills in a calendared blister. The sturdy, protective, outer carton is child-resistant yet remains senior-friendly. The carton can be customized with branding, educational messages and dosing instructions, ensuring that important medication information is always available to users.

The global packaging system is composed of the paperboard Dosepak® integrating a guiding rail, a locking lug and the blister. The MEMS® monitor component is slid into the guiding rails, and contains a microelectronic circuit that registers dates and times when the package is opened and when it is closed.

The re-useable electronics of the MEMS® EDP makes it an affordable solution for adherence monitoring in clinical trials and daily practice.

This solution is developed and commercialized in collaboration with Westrock.

It records and stores up to 4.000 dosing events.

The stored information can be transferred at any time through the MEMS® Reader to the MEMS®adherence software for immediate analysis and interpretation.

Key characteristics:

  • Based on the child resistant and senior friendly Dosepak® package
  • Service life: 18 months from shipment
  • Wireless data transfer via NFC communication
  • Non-volatile memory for data storage (maintains data integrity for years after loss of
  • battery power)
  • Secured positioning of MEMS® monitor in the rails
  • Mechanical design prevents backward insertion of MEMS®  monitor
  • Optimal events detection technology
  • CE marked

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The principle of the MEMS® technology consists in the incorporation of a micro-circuitry into pharmaceutical packages of various designs (pharmacy bottle, blister, inhaler, eye drops dispenser, etc.) such that the maneuvers needed to remove a dose of drug is detected in real time and time stamped, resulting in dosing history data.


*DOSEPAK is a registered trademark of WestRock Company.

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