MEMS® Compatible Hardware

We offer different MEMS® compatible hardware developed with partners as blister with trace, inhaler, eye drops,… which are fully compatible with our MEMS® technology and meet the MEMS quality criteria.

These MEMS® compatible hardware can be used with our MEMS® adherence software integrating powerful visualization and analytical tools which processes dosing history data.



Cerepak® is one example of a MEMS-compatible package based on custom-made electronic traces to measure single pill cavity expression from a blister.

Cerepak® is a customizable medication package available from Westrock that improves medication adherence by presenting important information in a readable format on the outer carton and delivering pills in a calendared blister.

Cerepak®, the adherence-monitoring blister, features a smart card that accurately records the date and time each specific pill is removed - a feature critical for managing dose titration and regimens that include a mix of placebo and active drugs. The data can be transferred to the MEMS adherence software for immediate analysis.

Cerepak® packages are portable and available in multiple sizes, making them convenient for patients and professionals. The carton can be customized with branding, educational messages and dosing instructions, ensuring that important medication information is always available to users.

For more information about MEMS® compatible packages, please contact us.

*CEREPAK is a registered trademark of WestRock Company.

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