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Discover why the Pharmaceutical world trusts us to resolve patient non-compliance.

As a drug developer or clinical study supervisor, we provide true optimization to your drug development using effective monitoring of patient non-compliance in your clinical trials.

As a brand manager or innovation packaging manager, we can help your organization stand out and differentiate itself against your competition.

For less than $1 a day per patient (set-up excluded) AARDEX helps you:

  • Optimize drug development using adherence-informed clinical trials
  • Ensure high fidelity to the dosing regimen specified in the clinical trial protocols as suggested by the US FDA and EMA
  • Identify structural deficiencies during clinical trials
  • Gather key patient adherence behavioral data for successful marketing strategy

As the central actor, we offer complete patient non-compliance solutions based on our strong partners ecosystem:

These global solutions are based on a combination of patented products. Due to our partnerships, we are proud to offer continuity and diversity in our solutions; from clinical trials up to the global health market with packaging capabilities at scale.

The combination of our MEMS® ADHERENCE SOFTWARE, our MEMS® and MEMS® adherence compatible hardware allows you to seamlessly monitor, analyze, manage, and share medication adherence data with designated teams.

By measuring, analyzing and enhancing patient adherence, our customizable MEMS® solutions will help you improve the likelihood of a successful trial outcome and make more informed development decisions, leading to faster time to commercialization.

The MEMS® ADHERENCE SOFTWARE suite is a flexible and collaborative online web-solution that can be used by different authorized healthcare professionals, monitors, or investigators to collect and analyze adherence data from multiple sites. It monitors patient adherence and delivers on-demand adherence statistics. It also provides powerful dashboards to assess overall trial center performance and pinpoints centers needing additional support.

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MEMS® Adherence Hardware

MEMS® Adherence Hardware for medication adherence and patient adherence used with MEMS® Adherence Software

MEMS® Adherence Software

MEMS® Adherence Software for medication adherence and patient adherence

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Our Customers