For less than 1 dollar* a day per patient, AARDEX helps pharmaceutical or biotech companies to :

  • Optimize drug development using adherence-informed clinical trials
  • Ensure high fidelity to the dosing regimen specified in the clinical trials protocol as suggested by the US FDA and EMA
  • Identify structural deficiencies during clinical trials
  • Accumulate key data for successful marketing strategy

* Setup excluded

As a central actor, we offer complete compliance solutions based on a strong partners ecosystem.

These global solutions are based on a combination of patented products. Thanks to our partnerships, we can offer a continuity in our solutions, from clinical trials up to global health market with package capacities at scale.

Based on the MEMS® adherence software combined with MEMS® packages and MEMS® compatible packages, you will be able to monitor, analyze, visualize, manage, and share medication adherence data among the care teams.

By measuring, analyzing and enhancing patient adherence, our customizable MEMS® solutions can help you improve the likelihood of a successful trial outcome and make more informed development decisions, leading to faster speed to commercialization.

The MEMS® adherence software is a flexible and collaborative online web-solution that can be used by different authorized healthcare professionals, monitors, or investigators to collect and analyze adherence data from multiple sites. It monitors patient’s adherence and delivers on-demand adherence statistics. It also provides powerful dashboards to assess overall trial center performance and pinpoints centers that need additional support.


AARDEX has a long history of innovation through successful participation in hundreds clinical trials.

We offer also dedicated services for clinical study managers, brand managers, or innovation packagers.

Discover the key reasons to choose MEMS® technology to monitors patient’s adherence.

See our major references based on 30 years leadership.

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