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As a government agency, health insurance company, or an integrated healthcare system, AARDEX helps you provide the most robust and diverse end-to-end solutions in medication adherence.

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  • With our MEMS® ecosystem consisting of both software and hardware, healthcare stakeholders are able to monitor, analyze, visualize, manage, share and seamlessly track medication adherence data in their system. The MEMS® ADHERENCE SOFTWARE integrates data-driven patient feedback which facilitates individualized interventions and differentiated care models.
  • By dispelling uncertainty about medication-taking behavior, this intervention program sets the stage for focused conversation with your patients, increasing the quality of care and time you spend with them.
  • Our collaborative online web-solutions can be used by different authorized healthcare professionals to collect, analyze, and share adherence data from multiple sites. It monitors patient adherence and delivers on-demand results while providing powerful dashboards to assess patients and help them improve their adherence behaviors.

MEMS® Adherence hardware

MEMS® Adherence Hardware for medication adherence and patient adherence used with MEMS® Adherence Software

MEMS® Adherence software

MEMS® Adherence Software for medication adherence and patient adherence

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