Based on the MEMS adherence software combined with MEMS packages (Cap, Helping Hand, EDP, Button, Cream Tube) and MEMS compatible packages (injectables, inhalers, eyedrops and others dosage forms), healthcare stakeholders are able to monitor, analyze, visualize, manage, and share medication adherence data among the healthcare system.  The MEMS adherence software integrates a data-driven patient feedback which facilitates individualized interventions and differentiated care models.

By dispelling uncertainty about medication-taking, the intervention program sets the stage for focused conversation with your patients, increasing the quality of time you spend with them.

The never-before available data give the care team the objective means to help the patients get the fullest possible benefit from appropriately prescribed medications.

Our collaborative online web-solutions can be used by different authorized healthcare professionals to collect, analyze, and share adherence data from multiple sites.  It monitors patient’s adherence and delivers on-demand results. It also provides powerful dashboards to assess patient and help them to improve their adherence behaviors.

Discover the key reasons to choose MEMS® technology, MEMS adherence software and AARDEX Group solutions to monitors patient’s adherence.

Since the 2000’s, we have been collaborating on different researches to better understand how to develop a global solution for the worldwide problem of striking magnitude created by patient non adherence to appropriately prescribed therapies. We are now involved in large implementation pilots in different countries to set up global solutions at national level.

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