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Discover why the Academic world trusts us to resolve medication adherence.

As an academic researcher, we can help you measure, manage, and track medication adherence using MEMS® technology, the Gold Standard in academic research.

As the pioneer of true objective adherence measures with analysis of electronically compiled dosing histories, AARDEX Group is the leader in innovative solutions to measure, manage, and track medication adherence for patients across the globe.

Our solutions are designed to address the 3 key elements of adherence to medication which are: regimen initiation, implementation, and persistence (EMERGE).

Electronic monitoring of dosing history using the combination of MEMS® or MEMS® compatible hardware with MEMS® ADHERENCE SOFTWARE lets you:

  • Quantify medicine adhesion and differentiate its three elements as suggested in the ESPACOMP Medication Adherence Reporting Guidelines (EMERGE).
  • Research and analyze the causes and consequences of differences between prescribed (i.e. intended) and actual exposures to medications.
  • Manage medication adherence in individual patients by providing feedback on patient drug dosing history, showing occurrences of errors that can jeopardize treatment outcomes.

The combination of our MEMS® ADHERENCE SOFTWARE, our MEMS® and MEMS® adherence compatible hardware allows you to seamlessly monitor, analyze, manage, and share patient compliance data with designated teams.

If you are part of a university, research center, NGO, or a foundation that wants to monitor and manage patient medication adherence in a clinical study or research setting, AARDEX is your best trusted partner for over 35 years.

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    MEMS® Adherence hardware

    MEMS® Adherence Hardware for medication adherence and patient adherence used with MEMS® Adherence Software

    MEMS® Adherence software

    MEMS® Adherence Software for medication adherence and patient adherence

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