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AARDEX Group offers a wide range of services to make your clinical trial successful.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Project support, coordination services and follow-up: (logistics, investigator meetings, implementation assistance, data quality & transfer, queries, weekly/monthly report to study monitors, etc.)

Strategic consulting by our compliance monitoring experts (study design, protocol writing, analysis of adherence data as dosing history data, modeling and simulations, training, etc.)

Pharma illustration for patient non-compliance

Using anonymized adherence data that we have collected over the course of hundreds of clinical studies, we have created the industry's first powerful medication adherence modeling simulation center based on our MEMS® ecosystem.

Our differentiated database services provide mass quantities of data for a wide range of disease states.

Our data ranges from persistence curves and distributions of missed doses to group chronology plots. Customers may sample many of our data visualization dashboards to better understand our powerful and diverse modeling capabilities to see how they improve the quality of drug development decisions.

We also offer dedicated services for clinical study operators, brand managers, or innovation packagers.

We are dedicated in providing our unparalleled solutions to our diverse customers across the entire industry:


I work for a pharmaceutical or biotech company in drug development, clinical study operation


I work for a university, a research centre, a NGO, or a foundation as an academic or researcher.


I work for the government, a health insurance company, or an integrated healthcare system.

Our Customers

Our Customers