Major contributions of AARDEX Group to HIV medication adherence monitoring and management

AUG-2018 : Amsterdam, 22nd International AIDS Conference: AARDEX Group presented

OECD confirms that investing in medication adherence improves health outcomes and health system efficiency

AUG-2018 : In this groundbreaking publication, the OECD discusses the importance of medication

Important NIH Funding Opportunity

JUL-2018 : The National Institutes of Health (NIH) qualified medication adherence

AARDEX Group announces successful management buyout

FEB-2018 : The Belgian-Swiss company AARDEX Group has announced the completion

Novel use of MEMS cap to monitor the use of rescue medication

DEC-2017 : MEMS® was used successfully to show the adequate coverage

Successful MEMS Intervention in HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

NOV-2017 : Incredible, one year has already passed since we presented one of the most

The fallacy of pill count: evidences of pill dumping in HIV infected adolescents in Zimbabwe

NOV-2017 : Frequently, poor-responders with high pill count adherence are dumping

The MEMS ecosystem: a versatile solution to monitor medication adherence.

NOV-2017 : The MEMS® ecosystem is the most versatile medication adherence

Meet the team behind the MEMS system at ESPACOMP 2017

OCT-2017 : Want to meet the team behind MEMS®, the original Smart Packages