AARDEX announces the world’s first DIGITAL MEDICATION ADHERENCE MONITORING solution fully integrated in the clinical trial platform by a top 10 pharma company.

How digital medication adherence monitoring increases the impact of innovative adherence research?

AARDEX Group announces the opening of a new office in the U.S.

Using data science to detect key changes in medication intake behaviors.

How smart packages enable digital medication adherence monitoring for successful clinical trials?

View or review our April 15 webinar on “SMART Medication Adherence Monitoring Improving Speed and Accuracy of Clinical Trials”

How the EMERGE guideline on medication adherence can improve the quality of clinical trials

As the world leader in digital medication adherence monitoring for successful clinical trials, AARDEX is proud to announce its collaboration with 4 Belgian/Swiss financial partners to assist company’s growth.

Bernard Duke Video

AARDEX’s scientific lead Bernard Vrijens is a panelist of the FDA and Duke-Margolis public meeting to explore the state of the science of clinical research evaluating medication adherence on December 10, 2019