FAQ and Why MEMS®


1 million users

Our ergonomic, robust and certified solutions have been used by over 1 million patients.

70 countries

Our solutions have been deployed globally across over 70 countries in a wide variety of settings.

Available on all devices

Our MEMS® adherence software is available on desktop computer, tablet, and mobile phone.


Our company, products and services are CE-marked. All MEMS® products are tested individually several times throughout production and shipment to meet the highest quality of requirement standards.

ISO 9001 certified

Our company, products and services are ISO 9001 certified. All MEMS® products are tested individually several times throughout production and shipment to meet the highest quality of requirement standards.

Secure communication

All the data transfers are signed by the sender to guarantee data authenticity. Communication is secured by an SSL certificate and files are encrypted and signed. They do not contain any private data.

35 Years

Our company was founded 35 years ago in California, USA. Since then, we have steadily innovated to bring the most effective adherence-enhancing solutions to the market. The scientific contribution of our company in medication adherence is recognized worldwide.

Audited by the 10 largest pharma companies

Our company, products and services have been audited by the 10 largest pharma companies. All MEMS® products are tested individually several times throughout production and shipment to meet the highest quality of requirement standards.

Precision Made in Switzerland

Our MEMS® is developed and manufactured in Switzerland -- The 8th generation of MEMS® has a resolution of 1 sec and precision comparable to the most famous swiss quartz watches (almost perfect precision with a variation of only a few seconds per month).

Cloud-based solution

All data is stored and usable on our cloud platform.

36 month battery life

Our MEMS® adherence hardware are the only professional solutions that are self-sufficient for at least 36 months without any charging.

Patent protected

We have several patents covering our hardware, software, and algorithmic solutions.

Collecting sound and reliable data is mission critical for us

Our solution is not built as a “best we can” approach but as a “mission critical” to collect, store and transmit sound and secure data.

Designed to function worldwide

Our solutions are designed to function globally without the need for a communication network or power source. They were tested all around the world under all types of climate and in diverse conditions.

8th generation of product refinement

AARDEX is currently on the 8th generation of MEMS® technology after 35 years of evolution and refinements.

NFC Compliant

All MEMS® adherence hardware solutions are NFC compliant and can be read with a NFC reader. The NFC technology is based on radio close contact communication following the same principle of security as the most recent generation of passports.

Using this technology, the patient is always empowered as the actor of his dosing history data transmission.

814 peer-reviewed papers

MEMS® solutions have been used in a multitude of indications and settings and have resulted in over 800 peer-reviewed published papers reporting studies.

These papers have jointly been cited over 65,000 times and  the most-cited MEMS® paper has > 4000 journal citations resulted in a H-index of 144.

Usable without any necessary configuration by patients

Patients are empowered. MEMS® is non-intrusive and completely friction free for patients. We eliminate the need to combine an app, a phone, nor to recharge/change the battery. MEMS® is globally recognized as the easiest to use, install and maintainable solution.


Do you have a real time solution?

Yes, one example is a dedicated NFC smartphone/tablet which can be used to read the MEMS® monitors at any time from a remote location.

Note that a real time solution has an impact on the price and requires a higher support level on your side. Contact us for more information.

Why are consumer grade products available on the internet not a good solution for my research or clinical trials?

A consumer product is not designed with the accuracy and the robustness needed for professional use. Indeed, the “best we can” approach used in commercial products is not acceptable for professional use where the collection, storage and transmission of dosing history data is “mission-critical”. Our MEMS® technology has been used by healthcare professionals for over 30 years and continues to grow in its capabilities.

Why is a rechargeable solution not a good idea?

All the real time solutions based on mobile phone modules (SMS/2G/3G/4G) or on a Bluetooth are dependent on high power usage (unlike NFC) and need a rechargeable or replaceable battery. This means that the patients have to recharge their adherence monitors on a regular basis. Our MEMS® adherence hardware solutions are self-sufficient for at least 36 months without any recharging. In fact, MEMS® is unrivaled as the only professional solution with this lifetime.

Is there a reminder feature on your product?

Yes. Our LCD display which is integrated into our MEMS® hardware allows easy access to the patient’s compliance and dosing behavior.

It displays the number of medication events completed by the patient during the current day and the time elapsed since the last dose. These functionalities allow patients to monitor their progress and develop the habit of taking the medication without the intrusiveness of a reminder alarm. In reality, forgetfulness is only one of the multitude of reasons for non-adherence. There are over 700 reasons for non-adherence and if a product relies only on reminders for increasing adherence, it is estimated that less than 7% of the population who take the medication on specific time will benefit from reminders.

Apart from a few medications that patients have to take at a specific time, the remaining patient population is more flexible in terms of how they take their medications.This is completely acceptable from a pharmaceutical point of view. As a result, most of the reminders do not serve the purpose of medication adherence and compliance because they are rigid and time based.

However, reducing the problem of non-adherence to simple forgetfulness and to address it with intrusive reminders, equates to treating the patient as an assisted person. This very far from AARDEX’s vision of patient empowerment which is the key tooptimal adherent behavior.

It is scientifically proven that these reminder solutions only improve adherence by a few percent, which only affects a patient population of a certain rigid profile. In fact, in most cases, people tend to flat out ignore such reminders.

Our Customers

Our Customers