ONdrugDelivery October Issue is now live which includes a contribution of AARDEX Group

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AARDEX’s Scientific Lead Bernard Vrijens and Biocorp’s business development director Arnaud Guillet give some details about their companies alliance. They explain how Biocorp’s Injay connected prefilled syringe (PFS) combined with AARDEX’s MEMS Adherence Software provides a mean to tackle the issue of medication non-adherence in both clinical trials and commercialized drug products. Low adherence to…

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The Contract Pharma October Issue is now live which includes an article about AARDEX Group

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Medication adherence, which involves patients taking medications in accordance with how they have been prescribed, is a widespread challenge, with wide-reaching implications for patients and health services worldwide. Managing patient compliance can make the difference between failed and successful clinical trials. Advanced digital medication adherence monitoring using electronically-enabled smart packages or devices offers numerous benefits…

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AARDEX announces the world’s first DIGITAL MEDICATION ADHERENCE MONITORING solution fully integrated in the clinical trial platform by a top 10 pharma company.

AARDEX is proud to announce the integration of its MEMS® Adherence Software by a major pharmaceutical company. It’s the first end-to-end integration of electronically compiled dosing histories using smart packages from interactive response technology (IRT) into electronical data capture systems (EDC) to improve medication adherence data accuracy in clinical trials. This collaboration, initiated in 2015,…

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AARDEX Group announces the opening of a new office in the U.S.

By establishing itself in the U.S., the Group aims to strengthen its business and maintain its position as market leader in digital adherence monitoring systems. Joe Keenan will lead the business development for the pharma and biotech industry in North America. With over 70% of AARDEX’s customers based in the U.S., this new office will support…

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Using data science to detect key changes in medication intake behaviors.

Electronic monitoring, a digital technology based on smart packages, enables the most objective and precise adherence monitoring. By using an evidence-based digital adherence monitoring system, Sponsors and HCPs improve drug efficacy by managing patient adherence to the medications. In this Medium article (the online publishing platform), AARDEX presents the latest results from its data science…

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How smart packages enable digital medication adherence monitoring for successful clinical trials?

50 % of patients involved in clinical trials do not take their medication as prescribed, resulting in underestimated drug efficacy and delayed approval of the investigational product. Poor medication adherence is thus a threat to drug development. Stop using unreliable methods to assess medication adherence and maximize the chances of success in your clinical trials…

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