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AARDEX Group and medmix Join Forces to Improve Self-Administration of Injectable Drugs in Clinical Trials

Belgium – medmix Drug Delivery (Haselmeier) and AARDEX Group announced today a collaboration, combining Haselmeier´s D-Flex™ Logbook with AARDEX Group’s Medication Adherence software and hardware ecosystem.  Clinical testing during new drug development is costly and time intensive for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The need for solutions, helping them to shorten testing time and increase data…

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Clinical Trials Europe 2022: Learn About Unlocking Medication Adherence Insights to Enhance Drug Development

Poor medication adherence in clinical trials may be a long-standing challenge, but advanced approaches and technologies are finally cutting it down to size. Join AARDEX’s scientific lead at the 21st Clinical Trials Europe event to find out how. Bernard Vrijens and Kenneth Getz, Executive Director and Professor at Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development…

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Measure to Manage: How Data-Driven Feedback Drives up Patient Adherence in Clinical Trials

Every clinical trial participant with poor medication adherence will have their own set of complex reasons for not taking their medications as prescribed – meaning there is no one size fits all solution. Instead, sponsors should take a data-driven approach that utilizes focused feedback, guides individualized interventions, and has been shown to be capable of…

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Setting the Stage for Better Medication Adherence in Clinical Trials

Better medication adherence in clinical trials

When clinical trial participants do not follow the dosing protocol, it can result in an underestimation of a drug’s therapeutic effect. With inability to demonstrate efficacy being the leading cause of study failure worldwide1, it’s an issue sponsors cannot afford to ignore – and with digitally enabled medication adherence packaging, they no longer have to.…

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How Effective Are Digital Pills at Measuring Medication Adherence?

While digital pills have long been hailed as a valuable solution to the stubborn medication adherence problem, there have been questions about their use, in terms of intrusiveness, acceptance, and reliability. But with the evidence base expanding, there are opportunities to embrace the paradigm-shifting potential of this innovative solution. A stubborn challenge It’s no secret…

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EFPIA Calls for Greater Clarity Around the Regulatory Role of Digital Health Technology

Digital health technologies (DHT), including digital medication adherence monitoring, have the potential to revolutionize drug development, and must be given every opportunity to succeed.  That’s according to the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) reflection paper, which has called for greater clarity and harmonization around how digital solutions fit into the regulatory pathway.…

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Pfizer Acknowledges the Need for Better Medication Adherence in Clinical Trials

medication adherence in clinical trials

Drug giant, Pfizer has highlighted the need for effective, patient-centered medication adherence management in clinical trials. Nothing stops a drug from working more than not taking it, but, as medicine and leadership pioneer and Pfizer’s Chief Medical Officer, said, non-adherence in clinical trials damages more than the patient.  “It is also corrosive to the integrity…

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