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Initially founded by Professor John Urquhart in 1984 in Fremont, California; AARDEX Group has been the pioneer in medication adherence technology with its development of Medication Event Monitoring Systems (MEMS®). Since then, MEMS® has led the way in accurately describing, measuring, and managing patient adherence behavior in relation to medication.

The World Health Organization has stated that, in developed countries, adherence to long-term therapies in the general population is only around 50%. A major shock is the finding that life-threatening diseases do not, ipso facto, enforce strict adherence. This fact has become more and more evident in many medical fields, some of which include organ transplantation, HIV-AIDS, and more recently in cancer chemotherapy.

Now located in Liège, Belgium, our objective is to continuously innovate to develop efficient and effective solutions for this pervasive problem of striking magnitude in the healthcare system and in clinical trials.

Our mission is to develop ecosystems that seamlessly measure, analyze, and implement patient medication adherence in clinical trials, research settings, and professional healthcare systems to support successful management of patient adherence to medication.

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Our Customers