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Pfizer Acknowledges the Need for Better Medication Adherence in Clinical Trials

medication adherence in clinical trials

Drug giant, Pfizer has highlighted the need for effective, patient-centered medication adherence management in clinical trials. Nothing stops a drug from working more than not taking it, but, as medicine and leadership pioneer and Pfizer’s Chief Medical Officer, said, non-adherence in clinical trials damages more than the patient.  “It is also corrosive to the integrity…

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AARDEX Group and BIOCORP Recruited by [email protected] – Decentralized Trial Centre of Excellence

Trials@Home Press Release

Combining BIOCORP’s pen injector add-on with AARDEX® Group’s Software to improve adherence to medication in a Hybrid Phase IV Diabetes Study. Liege, Belgium – July 19, 2022: Following the launch of their global collaboration to support medication adherence in different fields last year, Belgium-based AARDEX GROUP, the leader in tools for measuring and managing adherence to medication in…

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ESPACOMP Backs Electronic Medication Monitoring as “Method of Choice” for Quantifying Medication Adherence in Clinical Trials

electronic medication monitoring

Effectively measuring medication adherence relies on selecting the most appropriate data source – and for clinical trials, that data source is electronic medication monitoring. The TEOS (timelines-events-objectives-source) guideline provides a clear framework on how to assess medicine-taking behavior relative to the scenario, and a new review paper makes clear that electronic medication monitoring is the…

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