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Addressing Medication Adherence in Decentralized Clinical Trials

addressing adherence, a mojor challenge in decentralized clinical trials

Adherence monitoring can minimize variability and maximize engagement in DCTs Decentralized clinical trials (DCT) are growing in popularity, thanks to their ability to tear down many of the long-standing barriers to robust medical research. And while this new model has some challenges of its own, focusing on adherence can help tackle them head-on. COVID-19 accelerated…

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Improving Clinical Trial ROI with Medication Adherence Management

Study power is the Holy Grail of clinical trials, setting drug developers on the quickest path to market – but non-adherence causes costly detours. When participants do not take their medication as specified in the study protocol, it can result in underestimated drug efficacy, delay the approval of investigational products, and contribute to rising costs.…

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