OECD confirms that investing in medication adherence improves health outcomes and health system efficiency

AUG-2018 : In this groundbreaking publication, the OECD discusses the importance of medication adherence to maximize health outcomes and health system efficiency. Medication adherence needs to move up the policy agenda in order to raise awareness of the problem and mobilise adequate responses.

The take home messages are:

  • Medication non-adherence is a long time neglected problem of striking magnitude.
  • Non-adherence to medications is a multidimensional health care problem.
  • No single intervention will guarantee that patients fill their prescriptions and take their medications as prescribed.
  • Routine adherence measures integrated in health systems is required for successful measurement-guided adherence management by all stakeholders.

Three month after the NIH funding opportunity, this OECD call is another momentum for medication adherence that shares the long term view of AARDEX Group. More details …

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