The MEMS ecosystem: a versatile solution to monitor medication adherence.

NOV-2017 : The MEMS® ecosystem is the most versatile medication adherence monitoring solution. Its components can be combined to meet the most demanding requirements in drug development and clinical research. It has been used in over 1 000 clinical trials and over 1 000 000 patients.

MEMS® Smart Packages

  • MEMS® Smart Packages exist in different form factors that can be used with bottles, blisters, injectors and other drug containers

medAmigo® Platform

  • medAmigo® provides a collaborative cloud platform to collect adherence data
  • It can be implemented to document medication adherence and to support adherence-enhancing interventions.
  • It is typically used in drug development and clinical research

mymedAmigo® Mobile

  • mymedAmigo® mobile is an app running on smartphones and tablets
  • It is typically used by the patients to visualize adherence data
  • It can be used as a medAmigo® add-on to share adherence data on the online platform


  • mymedAmigo® is a light version of medAmigo®
  • It can be used by doctors and pharmacists to implement adherence-enhancing interventions
  • Easy to deploy, it does not require an internet connection

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