The world market leader in measuring and managing medication adherence

Managing patient compliance can make the difference between failed and successful clinical trials.


I work for a pharmaceutical or biotech company in drug development, clinical study operation


I work for a university, a research centre, a NGO, or a foundation as an academic or researcher.


I work for the government, a health insurance company, or an integrated healthcare system.

A flexible online web-solution providing AI-enabled analysis of medication taking behaviors for powerful visualization and focused feedback for the patient. This digital solution, can be connected and integrated into third party applications for risk stratification and patient empowerment.

The MEMS® ADHERENCE SOFTWARE processes patient data using over 70 predefined and validated algorithms to present a comprehensive picture of patient adherence based on electronically compiled dosing history data. 

AARDEX celebrates 35 years of research in solutions to manage patient compliance with medications in drug discovery and research settings.

For more details about our MEMS ecosystem (Medication Event Monitoring System), please visit our portfolio.

In research settings
Clinical research studies
In clinical trials
Phase II, III, IV drug trials
In professional healthcare systems
Patients monitored

Why MEMS® ?

Discover the 20 key reasons to choose MEMS® technology (Medication Event Monitoring Systems) and AARDEX Group solutions.

Available on all devices

Our MEMS® ADHERENCE SOFTWARE is available on desktop computer, tablet, and mobile phone.

Patents protected

We have several patents covering our hardware, software, and algorithmic solutions.

1 million users

Our solutions are ergonomic, robust, certified, and have already been used by more than 1 million patients.

814 peer-reviewed papers

The use of MEMS® has been published in over 814 peer-reviewed papers.

Battery life 36 months

Our smart packages solutions based on MEMS® technology are self-sufficient for at least 36 months without any charging. 

70 countries

Our solutions have been deployed all around the world, across more than 70 countries, under all types of climate, and in wide variety of settings.

Secure communication

All the data transfers are signed by the sender to guaranty data authenticity. Communication is secured by SSL certificate and files are encrypted.


Our company, products and services are CE-marked. All MEMS® products meet the highest quality of requirement standards.

ISO 9001 certified

Our company, products and services are ISO 9001 certified. All MEMS® products are tested individually several times throughout production and shipment.

814 peer-reviewed papers

MEMS® solutions have been used in a multitude of indications and settings and have resulted in over 800 peer-reviewed published papers reporting studies.

Our Customers

Our Customers